Thursday, December 01, 2005

Weekend Forecast

Happy December all! It is only the first of December and already we have close to a 6' base. I know, I keep digging this back up, but just about a year ago meadows was ready for opening day, and it monsooned all weekend long, delaying opening day. As a matter of fact it was a year ago, that the Vet and the Boy Toy baptized me as the Snow Curmudgeon. I believe it was after I laughed at her for thinking meadows was going to open as planned in the basement of Laura and Mindy's old house. So here's to hoping the second year as SC is better than the first. So far it looks much better-

The forecast:

Well, the snow in town will not happen (I looked out the window for that one), but fear not my precious ones, it is snowing in the mountains. The current storm fronts moving in look to be heading into the Northern OR Cascades, meaning Mt Hood is going to get slammed today and through tomorrow night. That means tomorrow and Saturday are the days to hit it. A warning though, bundle tight, looks to be gusty, up to 40mph, the next couple of days. Looks like by Saturday night things will be shifting a bit North to give our brethren in WA a chance for some fresh, Sunday will be sloppy seconds in bounds, but probably still good and cold.

The other big news of the weekend is Skibowl opens for night skiing today. They will only have the lower lifts running, but hope to have the upper bowl going by tomorrow. I'd give it another week or two, they still only have 26" at mid mountain.

The year is off to a good start, but while we are talking about anniversaries, I would like to point out that two years ago the winter started off real strong, big heavy cold snows, Meadows opened a week before Turkey day, Heather was open around X-mas/New Years, and by January 5th it was dry as a bone and stayed that way well into March/April*, so appreciate it now, hit it hard, because tomorrow global warming may rear it's ugly head.

Drive like an angel, drink like the devil, and ride the boards like you'd ride the girl next door,


*Right now I can hear some of you saying "I can't believe he remembers the weather like this, what a freak, what, does he keep a weather journal?", should but don't, I can't even write, I remember two years ago as I broke my leg the day before opening day, and got out of the cast a week before it all dried up, so I remember that well, as for anything before that, let's just say it was eliminated by all the White Russians at Potlatch '03.