Wednesday, December 07, 2005

TV Timeout

Either you all have stopped reading the blog a long time ago, or you have been patiently waiting for my next post. I know I stopped reading it, so I don't blame you all for stopping too. And I am sorry to report that this post won't be much better. Not sure what to write to make you all happy. I thought the sacrificial post was pure genius, but apparently I way underestimated the dedication to snow of many of the readers. For shame. Where does that leave me then? Mocking Danimal for being fat is way old and cliché (really it's too true to be funny) and we all know my feelings on boarders. Frankly I am a little tired of bitching, oh Christ, now I am bitching about bitching, it's tough being the Curmudgeon. I guess it is all I can expect after having an incredible weekend only to see a Saharan like forecast for the next ten days. Sigh... Hard to find inspiration there. Rumor has it Heather Canyon will open today, and Skibowl is already open, all before mid December. Not bad, I should be happy right, but I am not. Curse this society that has turned me into a greedy person who just wants more more more. I can't be happy with what I have, or even be patient for what will surely come. Sigh... tears...streams...


I came here all prepared to issue my list of grievances from the weekend, but really, who cares? I was also hoping to have some pics from Bro-Mate to put some stoke on the blog, but he's been busy, so I will add them when I can. As for my weekend, the Danimal and I skied all day Friday, the snow was great (not quite epic) and it just snowed all day long, nice and cold champagne snow. And by the afternoon people had cleared out and we were just running laps on Shooting Star. A damn nice day. Saturday I had a cross race (finished second, won a bottle of wine), so I skipped out on the madness that I am sure Meadows was, although I did hear the snow was good, how could it not be? Sunday I was graced with the presence of Broman (welcome back bro) and Mav, a new Telemarker who rips it up. We skied all day, non-stop from 9-4. So much fun. Found some new stashes, and some great powder runs. Seemed like the longest day of skiing ever, but in a good way.


And now here we are, Wednesday and no real precip in sight (sure there are showers forecast for today, but that don't count). Apparently that same ridge that popped up before Thanksgiving is back. Damn thing. They are forecasting it to be here for 10-14 days, and it looks like we will be dry through next Thursday maybe? The bright side? It will stay relatively cool, so our base may not get hit too hard. I also saw the most recent 30-90 day forecast and they are still calling for heavy mountain snows with low snow levels at least through January, and most likely through March. In the mean time might I suggest working on your conditioning so you don't call me to bail on skiing with the lame excuse that "my mind says yes but my body says no"? Or take this time to do all your Holiday shopping and getting all those errands done that would normally keep you from the mountain so you are ready to hit it hard when it comes. Who am I kidding, I'll be drinking my sorrows away, and you all know that.


Snow Curmudgeon