Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Luau Time

Recently Quebec hosted the most recent round of talks on Global Climate change. The main purpose of the meeting was to plan the post Kyoto treaty years, and how the world will deal with the issue of Global Warming.


Most of us remember that the wonderful US of A did not ratify the Kyoto Treaty protocol on global warming. What may be surprising is that we were joined by Australia, in rejecting the international treaty. Continuing that thread it was no surprise that the US didn't officially join these recent talks. There was an envoy there, but it consisted of very low-level personnel, there solely to observe. In contrast I believe Vice President Al Gore attended the original Kyoto talks. A big shift. However the real surprise this time was that the US was alone in not attending, Australia broke ranks (read couldn't be bribed out of going) and attended. Once again we go it alone.


What's the US's deal? Well all of this boycotting has been in the name of Economics. It is the position of the current administration that carbon reduction will hurt our economy. Meanwhile the dollar is getting its ass kicked by countries who have ratified the treaty, Detroit is being beaten by Asian and European car makers who are putting out more fuel efficient cars, just like they did in the '70s during the oil embargo. What has been the US's response?: More fossil fuel development. Yesterday the House stuck funding for drilling in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge onto a Pentagon bill, passing there, and sending it to the Senate where leaders are promising to send it to the President.  Shameful, and depressing. And that is not even touching the whole war in Iraq and oil supplies.


This has lead to the Inuit of Alaska filing a lawsuit in Federal Court against the US government for violation of Human Rights. Claiming (rightfully so in SC's view) that the lack of action, and stubborn ignorance of scientific evidence is leading to continued global warming, affecting their way of life and even their very existence, hence violating their basic Human Rights. It makes me happy, and very interested to see how this will work out. Maybe our froofy drink lawyer friend can really be useful, and give us a run down on the merits of the case instead of bashing poor old SC?


All this has you wondering I am sure what is going here, this is the SC blog, usually a much more local look at the weather on and around Mt Hood Oregon, not a political think tank. Well, right you are. However, looking at the forecast for the next 14 days has me thinking of pulling my Hawaiian shirts out of the closet. Looks like Santa is sending us our holiday moisture via the Pineapple express. Snow levels are currently being forecasted to hit 11,000' after Christmas. This all has me thinking that I should see about having Margarita get me listed as a co-complainant on that lawsuit, as I am really feeling like my human rights are being violated. Skiing is part of my existence. With all the gas money we have been saving by not driving to the mountain, I figure we can get a pretty good retainer going for a lawyer. You can contribute to the Snow Curmudgeon via paypal, or just find me at the local pub, I'll be the one in the Hawaiian shirt crying into my beer.


Happy Holidays, bah humbug!