Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year Faithful Snow Worshipers!!!!

Well, as is their custom as of late, the good old folks at NOAA managed to overestimate their storm total estimates. In summation, the base is still pretty thin, but coverage is getting there. The next three days look like clear cold weather, this will result in some settling of the snow pack, and with forcasted winds, it will transport recent deposits into tree lines and gullies (hint on where to find the stashes). Right now the forcast looks like potential for some fresh come this weekend, yeah right, and I have a hot date this weekend too!

Thanks to Kim and Brian, fathful Snow Curmudgeopn readers, for opening their house for a little new years festivities, and especially for allowing old Snow Curmudgeon some PPT (puppy play time!!)

I am sure the question on everyone's mind is what the Snow Curmudgeon's new years resolution is? Well I will tell you, sort of. I actually had a new ski season's resolution. Equality! Yes I came into this season with the resolution to treat all fellow snow sliders equally, and to open my heart and arms to all, freelheelers, fixed heelers, and yes even the Snow Boarders. I kid you not. I had resolved myself to it. Well I spent the last four days riding the lifts, and let me tell you, it is damn hard!!! I have to come to the conclusion that not all Snowboarders are dumb people, but all dumb people are snowboarders! And there are a lot of dumb people out there. "Now hold on there Snow Curmudgeon" you may be thinking, "that's a little harsh statement, what basis do you have" And that is a good point, and one I have been pondering, is it just a cultural gap, am I a little too much of an old "hippy" on skis and just don't relate to the new generation? Maybe, but allow me to present my case. Exhibit A: Newest phrase heard on the mountain: "Gnar Gnar" like: "there's some Gnar Gnar under that powder" and yes it was only heard coming from a Snow Boarder. Exhibit B: Try getting off a lift with out getting cut off by a snow boarder, having twenty snowboarders sitting on their buts in the MIDDLE of the run strapping in, or getting up right infront of you and riding over your tips. It's impossible I tried all weekend. Exhibit C: WHat percentage of people that cut me off or came within 12" of colliding into me were snowboarders: a. 50% b. 75% c.100% (correct answer is c) Exhibit D: When sitting in the parking lot, loud music is always coming from a car of _____ (answer: snowboarders) I have more evidence but I think I will rest my case there. I will say though that not all boarders are bad, heck of the 5 people on this list 3.5 snowboard, and you are all my friends, just don't cut me off, stop riding over my tips, and for crying out lound Daniel turn down that James Taylor!!

See you all on the hill...

Snow Curmudgeon