Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Greetings all,

I have to admit, I was feeling bad about what I said about going to Bend yesterday. Our friends from Texas are heading there for a nice three day weekend, and wouldn't it be nice if they could have some snow. So I got to thinking, everyone is telling me I blow a lot of hot air, so what if.... Well I have been huffin and puffin all day long, trying to alter these dang air currents. I also made some well placed calls, cashed in a few favors that ol JC himself owes me from back in the day, and while I can't promise anything yet, it is starting to look like there just may be some snow this weekend. Might, I say, it is iffy and I can't put my SC rep. on the line. Let's just say that JC don't carry the kind of pull he used to, with the recent bankruptcies and the IPO, it's tough, but he's doing what he can. The down side is I made it all windy on Hood and this snow that's falling is all over the place, and it was a cold day for anyone up there today, gusts over 50mph brrrr. But we got something around 7" in the past day, not bad. But zero on the windward side of slopes (read vista express) yet maybe more on the lee slopes (read Shooting star)

I'll keep you posted on the developing changes as they come.

Keeping the Faith