Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Good Morning faithful disciples,

Wow, the Snow Curmudgeon has never felt so loved! Thank you kindly Kim for the recommendation and acknowledgment of my vast Snow Knowledge, or sknowledge as you Southerners would say in your quaint speak. And last night I got the nicest message from Daniel (at least I think it was Daniel, if he was trying to immitate my scotish-mexican accent) saying he was looking forward to my forcast. And of course Darling Tree was asking me lastnight for inside info.

Don't worry friends, I didn't give any of them any special treatment, or insight. I understand the power of knowledge and how some use it to corrupt. Snow is pure goodness and I would never allow that goodness to be used for evil doings. I can only prevent that by giving you all the same knowledge, keep the field level you know.

First let me start by letting you all know that Matt Zephino is an Evil little man (they make him look big on TV by putting a map behind him, he's really small, like Daniel, about 5' 6"). And his evilness has blinded him from seing the real forcast, please be careful with what he says, because he is a TV PERSONALITY, not a Climatologist. (ok I am not a climatologist either, and really just a personality, and a made up one at that, but stop splitting hairs). Ok where was I, I just get so carried away (with the use of Parenthesis that is).

Oh yes the forecast, well I haven't sent one out because, well, it is sunny and cold, didn't think it really warrented much, just look out the window man! I know, I know, you all want to know my opinion on the possibilty of snow on the valley floor. I say don't count on it. Come on, hell can't freeze over every time Daniel get's a year older, can it? Look at it this way, most people get their weather from the Media, the media are all just a bunch of whores selling advertisement space, so they need news that sells, and Snow on the valley floor sells more than 38 degress and raining.

The real important issue here is when will precip hit the mountains and how much will come, it is all about skiing afterall. And these answers I do not have yet, the storm is heading in to Vancouver Island, and then heading South along the coast, where along the coast it tracks will answer all above questions. If it tracks inland, it will bring more warm moisture with it, meaning more precip and warmer temps- good for skiing bad for snow in town. If it hangs off the coast this cold trough from Alaska will hang around making it colder but drier, bad for skiing, good for snow in town.

You all know what I am rooting for! Back to work for SC, 12 hours until Mountaineer kicks some butt in a sleeveless shirt.

Lets all go ski this weekend!!!

Snow Curmudgeon