Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Well, well, well,

Looking out my window it is a brilliant day (sorry I watched the second season of The Office and picked up some quaint sayings), it makes me heart hum to see the grey drizzle. So checking in with good old Bingen Bart this morning and checking the telemetry it seems we got two overnight. Now I know some of you who originate a little bit closer to the equator than the rest of us are probably thinking to yourselves, damn a 16" base with two inches fresh and it is still snowing, sounds like a snorkel powder day to me!!! Well welcome to the north kiddies, y'all might be happy with any snow but it aint nuttin'. Hold on to yur doggies as they say in your land. The pow will come, and the north will win again, just like we did last time.

As for the forcast, it may be setting up real well for the weekend, but I am very dubious, I have been burned by NOAA once already so I am taking a wait and see approach. You know once bitten twice shy, just like that time I went out with that really cute chic with the deep voice, she was tall and athletic, and when we start getting it on I notice her feet are real long, and it hit me (ok the facial stubble should have been a clue), man I was out of there (hey no offense tree, you the real Supergirl!). Haven't dated a tall chick since, ok I haven't dated anyone since, stop splitting hairs. Man tough crowd. If all things come together you all won't be hearing from me anytime soon, I'll be skiing the next four days, if your heading up give me a call.
Keep praying Kiddies

yours truly,

The Snow Curmudgeon