Monday, November 14, 2005

Report for 11/14/05

Welcome to ski season 2005/06! By looking outside you can see it is off to an auspicious beginning, and the forecast doesn’t look any better. If you ignore the temperatures, it looks like August for the next seven days, Morning clouds and afternoon sun. If you are like me, or aspiring to be like me (which you should be) you too are wondering what’s up with that. Well you are in luck, as you have turned to the right place. First though I need to address some questions I have had recently, mainly, does the SC really know anything about weather, or am I just making it all up. A question commonly asked of all meteorologists, professional and amateur alike. It is just this kind of constant questioning and second guessing that makes our lot particularly tough skinned. The answer of course is I know what I am talking about, and making it up as I feel fit. It is kind of like playing God in a way, except for the small detail of not being able to actually control the weather, details, details. Rest assured dedicated readers, you can consider the word of the Snow Curmudgeon gospel, and if you are still not convinced, just ask me sometime, I will be glad to explain the ERF models, Western Troughs, the effects of ocean currents, and how a butterfly wing beat in Asia can cause a Hurricane.

As for the important stuff, i.e. when is it going to snow again? Well, even with the short term forecast looking bleak, there are no real signs of a long term or permanent drying out at this at this time. As a matter of fact it still looks like we can expect heavy mountain snows by the end of November. Remember, the long range forecasts all called for wet weather with periods of drying out, and being in the transition period now, we are just seeing a temporary reaction to the changing weather pattern. I would think that by next Tuesday or Wednesday we will be back to being wet. In the mean time, work on your tan, and rake those leaves while you still can. And if you are really jonesin for some skiing, you may find some nice spring like conditions up on Cascade this week. No kidding, Cascade open in Novemeber….Does this sound bright and cheerful? Well it is Monday, by Friday I will be back to my doom and gloom.