Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fraud: (n) a person who is not what he or she pretends to be.

Dear readers, I am afraid I must confess that I have been a fraud. I have been living the life of an imposter, deceiver liar and all around fake. No, I am not really a knuckledraggin’ snowboarder, please! It is almost as bad. Here it is December 13th, there is over 5’ of snow at the resorts and I have not even touched the snow! As a matter of fact, the only snow I have seen was on the ground in Gresham. Gresham of all places! Oh the shame. After years of mocking our fellow comrades for straying home to work around the house or do errands on a powder day, the time has come where for the past three weeks I have forgone the graceful bliss of the original art form that is Telemarking to work on my new home. My head hangs low.

But fear not kind and gentle readers, true to my nature, when presented with the time to go skiing this past Sunday, I, the original Snow Curmudgeon, raised my nose in the air and deemed the snow unworthy of my presence and rode my bike instead. So rest assured my friends, while I may not be shredding the gnar gnar in person, I am there in spirit, mocking all the lesser mortals.

The forecast:
After a record setting November, followed by a typical dry spell, we are finally getting some more needed precipitation. Currently the snow levels are lower than expected, but the winds are brutal, averaging 35+ with gusts towards 60. So fear not Lifsey, you chose well and can be comforted by the warmth of your current location. The folks in their little windowless rooms staring at computer models figuring out what it is doing outside say that while we are having a momentary break today the next wave will hit us tonight and keep strong through Friday, transitioning to cooler showers for the weekend. So far things look potentially good for the weekend, with main exception being these pesky high winds.

In summary, I hope you got your holiday shopping done this past weekend when the snow sucked (I didn’t) as it may be good this weekend with snow levels approaching the valley floor for Saturday and Sunday, just keep an eye out for those winds….it could really screw it all up.