Thursday, November 23, 2006

Black Friday

I, as so many others have, spent the day giving thanks. You know, it's what we're supposed to do on Thanksgiving. What did the Snow Curmudgeon have to give thanks for? Good question, lets take a look.

Well it is nuking on the mountain right now, the snow base is building fast, and the snow levels are low. Unfortunately can't get to most of it since the damn road is still closed. Not much to be thankful for there.

Tomorrow marks the first official day of the Holiday Shopping Season, a time, as you may guess, quite annoying to me. I get to look forward to 31 days of Musac Christmas Carols everywhere I go. Feel the pressure of having to spend money I dont' have on family and friends for things they don't really want or need, so they can spend money they don't have on me for things I don't want or need, all in the mane of some self proclaimed son of God being born 2006 years ago. Sounds perfectly logical, I'm thankful for it.

I have been drinking since 11:30 this morning and now I have a raging headache. And somehow I am hungry after stuffing my face all day. What the hell.....

So yup, pretty par for the course here at curmudgeon central. I guess I'm thnakful for all the BS I have to be unthankful for, or something......

As for the forecast....well it is going to rain a lot here, and snow a lot on the mountain, and since I won't be enjoying it, you can go find your damn forecast from someone who gives a crap.

Happy Holidays......