Friday, September 21, 2007

Merry CrossMass Eve!!!!

With the giddiness of a 5-year-old waiting for Christmas, cross season is finally here. Tomorrow I will enter my first race of the year, heading up to Seattle for the Star Crossed event. It is a great event, I think the tag line a couple years ago was "Come for the party, stay for the race". It is complete with a DJ and beer tent in the middle of the race. And the main event, the Men's A race is under the lights. I, alas, am not racing in that one. I'll be doing the Master's A (35yo+). Yup, racing with the old, yet fast, guys. Should be good. I feel like I have trained pretty hard this year, and am feeling like my form is pretty good coming into the race. I hope I don't regret those words. I'll be racing against some really good racers tomorrow.
Check out this preview from last year's:

The exciting thing, is I not only get to race tomorrow, but I am going to drag myself out of bed on Sunday morning, drive out to HR, and race again. Hopefully there'll be a kids race and Lacy (my 4yo niece) will get to race too. And if you liked the clip above so much here's a clip from my men's B race at HR from last year. Yeah, I won it. That's right Wills, you may have been beating later in the year, but I beat you when the glory was on the line, But good for you for not sandbaggin the B's tomorrow. You're a bigger man than me. I'll still cheer you on...
Oh yeah the race clip:

Finally I want to thank the Snow Curmudgeon for letting me hi-jack this blog for the 'cross season. Hopefully he'll keep us posted on the snow as the fall progresses.

Thanks for reading.

The Cross Curmudgeon