Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I know, you're thinking what the hell is this? It's been 90 degrees,
and it's August. What could that damn Snow Curmudgeon want?

Attention? yes of ocurse, what did you think this was about
Fame? That'd be nice
Money? Not from you poor bastards

In reality I got up early today to go for a run and it was raining,
wich of course makes me insatntly wonder what the snow level is (too
high for those of you wondering). Then at work today I got an e-mail
with a 90 day forcast (see below). So I couldn't help myself. I am
psyched for skiing, I admit it. I am dreaming of cold windy days
riding my new boards catching freshies and lookign out for the gnar
gnar. And yes I admit that the grey clouds and drizzle that most of
you missed while tucked in your beds dreaming of sugar plumb fairies,
put a faint smile on old SC's face. Winter may be a long way off, but
it is getting closer. And that my friends is reason to celebrate. That
and I have a new job that will pay for a season pass again!

So while we're here, what the hell, let's look at the forcast. I
checked the long range status and while it was last issued in July, it
looks right now like they are calling for normal precip with slightly
above average temps. Sounds ok? Well for reference, at this time last
year they called for slightly above averge precip and rain for the
first half of winter with average precip and below average temps after
January. What did we get? Let's not go there, makes me

In conclusion, while you're sweating in the sweltering heat that will
mark the remainder of this month, revel in the fact that winter is
getting closer, and know that SC will be watching the sky for that
first glimpse of snow and there to give you the cold honest truth.

Keep it real

Snow Curmudgeon

The 90 day forcast:
The two forecasters diverge somewhat in their predictions. ERF
(Volker) says there'll be no rain until after Labor Day.
Weather-Sphere (Anselmo) thinks we'll get some rain over the next two
weeks: between 0.7" and 5" at Headworks (about 2" being most likely)
and a few hundredths to 1.5" here in Portland. After Labor Day,
ERF's forecast calls for gradually increasing amounts of rain as we
move towards the fall, while Weather-Sphere predicts a shot of rain
the week after Labor Day and then another month of dry weather before
the rains begin in earnest in the second half of October.