Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Received from Daniel today:

Subject: Where are you?

What’s this? Snow on the mountain, even if a little, and nothing from our friend, the SC?! Give us something!


SC responds:

Dear Mr. Sigman,

Does the Snow Curmudgeon need to remind you of the rules of the Snow Report list? Criticisms of the Snow Curmudgeon are not to be taken lightly, much less tolerated. The snow season, alas, is a long away off, as mentioned in a recent post. And just because it did indeed precipitate on the mountain, at reasonable snow levels, does not mean it is time for a Snow Report. Snow Reports are a matter of inspiration and divine intervention, 3" of snow on rocks in the first weekend of October is neither inspiring nor divine.

This is the time of season the Ski industry loves the best. There are lots of rumors about skiing, and good snow to come. Many people get all excited, then they go out and buy stuff they don't need, especially for the 6 days of skiing they did last year(no names mentioned here). Don't be one of their pawns Mr. Sigman, you've already bought the skis, and the season pass, maybe you need to relax. Find a fall activity, maybe knitting, or garden gnome hunting, anything to distract your nervous ski energy.

In the meantime, Bro-man and SC will be riding our bikes in the mud, biding our time until we are ready to buy our ski pass, and then shred all winter long, at which point we hope not to be asking "where are YOU Mr. Sigman?" Just like last year.