Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Greetings SC readers,

Getting political and stating my views are the norm around here, so why stop now. I assume some of you, like me, received an e-mail from meadows (or maybe 2) asking for input on future development etc... I would like to strongly encourage (I would threat if I could) you to request for no further expansion. What? You may ask, is the SC bonkers?! Well yes, but that is besides the point. I know lift lines suck, people crash into people etc. But I like to look at the bigger picture. Mt Hood is part of our National FOrest system, a system to protect ecotsystems and natural environments for the health of wildlife and for our health (clean air, water all that good stuff). In the past MHM has not been the greatest of stewards in the world. They have been penalized for destruction of wetlands, and dare I say it, Meadows in the ski area. As many of you also know they are still trying to develop the Cooper Spur Area, part of the North Side of Hood, a beautiful and quiet area. If you have ever backpacked or hiked on or around the N. side you will understand how pretty it is, and how important it is. The Cooper spur area also serves as the drinking water for Hood River. Basically Meadows is trying to cash in now before global warming takes all of the snow away. So I beg and plead for you to not ask for expansion of meadows, including increased parking, overnight accomidations, and definitely not more lifts outside of the area. Having hiked the timberline trail around hood and had to hike under chairlifts in summer, I can tell you, it kinda takes the wild out of wilderness.

I now resume you to your normal Forcast, thank you

Snow Curmudgeon.