Thursday, November 15, 2007

CCX Master A BCS

It's way too early on Thursday morning, and I am sitting in the Portland Airport. At least they have free wifi. I’m heading back to Jersey to see my mom, and race in the next 2 USGP races in Mercer County Park, and you all thought I learned my lesson when I went to Louisville!

Anyway, since I am sitting here with some time to kill before my flight I thought I'd look over the Cross Crusade series standings, and see what my chances are for making the top ten. Thanks to Brooke Hoyer for posting the totals from Mike Wilson. Unfortunately, because the series is the best five scores of seven, and some people have raced six races and others less, it’s a hard thing to figure out (for me atleast), but this is how I think the situation is:

If two or more of the following happen I will NOT finish in the top ten:
Ian Leitheiser scores 16 points or more (11th or better)
Martin Baker scores 18 points or more (10th or better)
Mike Benno scores 18 points or more* (10th or better)
John Mitchem scores 24 points or more (7th or better)
Ed French scores scores 24 points or more* (7th or better)
However, if Mike Schindler scores less than 10 points*(14th or worse) then I pass him and 3 of the above can happen.

*If a rider scores exactly this amount it would lead to a tie and I have no idea what a tie breaker would be.

Now let's look at how the above finished this year:
Ian finishes near the top 5 (4,5,6 2DNFs 1DNS)
Martin finishes top 10 (8,8,9,11,17 1DNF)
Benno finishes all over (2,6,13 hasn't raced last couple)
Mitchem finishes near top 10 (9,10,11,12,15,17)
Ed French finishes just outside top 10 (7,10,12,14,16)

So I guess it is not impossible, and there are other guys who could have great races and bump me as well, while that would be out of their normal finishing place, I'm really just too tired to figure that out. This is already more information than anyone wanted, BUT if you happen to be watching the race, and just happen to have a stick in your hand, well.....let's just say it would be a shame for any of those guys if that stick got stuck in their wheel! No no, I would hate to have that happen to any of these guys. I made this bed for myself by missing two races, they’re all strong racers and any of them would deserve to get a top 10.

Good luck you guys, I'll see you all at Krugers or PIR.

It turns out my flight is an hour late, so getting up at 5am was pretty much a waste of time, and I need the sleep, I have been fighting off a head cold for the past couple days and I need all I can get before getting on a flying petri dish for 6 hours. This whole thing just sounds dumber and dumber.

Random observation, it's 7:30am and a family sitting here is feeding their young girls french fries for breakfast, is there any wonder why there's an obesity problem? That reminds me, go see King Corn if you get the chance, a really good movie/documentary.

Clearly it is time to go check on my flight status, or anything other than this for that matter. I should have internet at my mom's so look for a race report Saturday night.