Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Haven't done this in awhile....

Dang it has been awhile. After the Two Month Storm of December and January, the weather really dried up. Normally in times like this I hit the single track and get in some Mt Biking. Not so much this year. The heavy snows at low elevation managed to leave most of the local trails under snow. I did head out to ride the Wilson River Trail a couple weeks ago. Let’s say I learned that hiking a half mile in snow is not very fun in a pair of Mt Bike shoes with a huge hole in the toe. Oh and wearing socks with holes in the toes doesn’t make it any better.

Last weekend we finally got a decent amount of new snow. I managed to get up for a day and get in some good turns. AND I had the helmet cam with me. If you’re bored, check out my first ski movie.

The above inspired me to go back to some footage from earlier in the season and put together a prequel of sorts. This one, Multopor Mt, is what we ended up doing after getting skunked by a scouting mission on the back side of the Mt. It looked good on Google Earth, but there just wasn’t enough openings in the trees. After a morning of exploring, possibly the first winter ski decent from the summit of Multopor and a practice search and rescue of a ski pole, we came back and took advantage of some closed runs at ski bowl. While not your traditional backcountry experience, thanks to the sno cat grooming the run next to us, the snow was fine.

Unfortunately the weather for the upcoming weekend looks a little poor. We’re finally getting the precip, but it looks like it may be too warm. This is the time of year when everyone else is all happy about sunny 50+ degree days, while I get all grouchy wondering when we will get some more snow. We have already cancelled three trips to Mt Baker, so all I can say is it better snow for our Wallowas trip at the end of the month. Until then I guess I’ll just ride my bikes.